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Pressed Auto Parts

Technology of metal press forming, changing the future of automobile.

High-tensile steel plates for more strength and lightness

The automobile industry has been looking for stronger and lighter parts for the purpose of supporting achievement of CO2 emissions-reduction goal. To respond to the industry demand, Topre decided early on to utilize high-tensile materials of 1180MPa for bumpers and door beams for which lower-tensile materials of 980MPa were traditionally used. In recent years, we have been introducing the higher tensile materials for framework parts and starting mass-production.

Product List (Main mass-production products)

Diagram:Product List (Main mass-production products)
  • Product photography : Core Support for Radiator

    Core Support for Radiator

    With matching shape to the exterior, this product is located in the front end of the body to support the radiator. Lighter weight and greater strength are simultaneously achieved.

  • Product photography : Front Pillar

    Front Pillar

    Located to the front of the front door, its outstanding strength supports the floor and the roof.

  • Product photography : Metal Air Bag

    Metal Air Bag

    In a crash, the human body can sink into the seat and slip out of the seatbelt. This is called the “submarine phenomenon.” The metal airbag is located under the seat cushion and inflates in the event of a crash, keeping the passenger in place and preventing this dangerous phenomenon from occurring.

  • Product photography : Rear Pillar

    Rear Pillar

    Located at the back of the body, it links the floor and the roof.

  • Product photography:Door Beam

    Door Beam

    Installed inside the door, this product prevents deformation and cabin intrusion in the event of a lateral crash. Offering both lighter weight and greater strength, this product distinguishes itself by its characteristic shape and structure based on proprietary technology (shape structure patent pending).

  • Product photography : Center Pillar

    Center Pillar

    Reinforced column-shaped component located between the front and rear doors and linking the floor and roof. High-tensile 980 MPa (100 kgf/mm2) sheets are used for the body frame to achieve the highest product strength in the industry.

    ※MPa: unit of stress. A steel sheet of 980 MPa can withstand a force of 100 kg per mm2 upon its cross-section.

  • Product photography : Wheel Housing

    Wheel Housing

    This product, created using deep-drawing plasticity technology, supports the inner housing area of the tire.

Topre now develops and manufactures battery cases for electric vehicles.

Product photography : battery case

As one of new business categories, Topre is now involved in development and manufacturing of cases for lithium ion battery system to be used by electric vehicles and hybrid cars. Introduction of the closed sectional shape has led us to improve rigidity and decrease cost. By implementing crush analysis, we are pursuing development of lightweight cases which can house batteries safely.
Topre will continue development of auto parts for the ever expanding next generation automobile market.