Creation of the food safety

Constant Temperature Logistics Products

Topre’s integrated production system for precise thermal control.

We are the only manufacture in Japan who has integrated production system for refrigeration units and containers. Utilizing such system, we can manufacture refrigerated vehicles at suitable temperature for each shipment, from low to middle temperature settings and those with heating function. The containers are made of highly durable FRP with high thermal insulation capacity, utilizing casting method for rigid, air-tight construction.

Image Diagram : production system

Unprecedented technologies and creativity, providing the next generation safe food.

We have been developing an array of advanced technologies including the XV Series which utilizes the lightest frame in the industry and high-efficient thermal exchange system for improved cooling capacity. Our unique techniques and originality brought innovation to the delivery of foods. The product line includes variety of vehicle types such as light vehicles, medium sized trucks (2t) and heavy vehicles.

An array of advanced technologies supporting the advancement of refrigerated vehicles

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Assortment of refrigerated vehicles to fulfill the varied demands of customers

Picture : Assortment of freezer vehicles

Topre’s environmental efforts

With the business goal of manufacturing environmentally friendly refrigerated vehicle,
Topre has been taking care of the environment during the manufacturing process.

  1. Refrigerated vehicles are not subject to the act for automobile recycling. However, we are providing necessary information for appropriate disassembling and recycling of used refrigerated vehicles in accordance with our action plan.
  2. We prepared an internal guideline for the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) of waste materials of used refrigerated vehicles. We endeavor to manufacture environmentally friendly refrigerated vehicles by checking the guideline at the time of model and specification changes.
  3. We have set out the recycling target of waste materials arising from the manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles at 90% or more.
  4. We have been working to reduce four substances of concern in accordance with the reduction scheme established by Japan Auto-Body Industries Association, Inc.
  5. We do not use vinyl chloride materials for refrigerated vehicle components excluding some wiring harnesses.
  6. We have been working on structure development to reduce the use of wood materials.
  7. We have been working on utilization of non-CFC insulation material.

Disassembly manual for refrigerated/insulated body vehicles