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1935 Apr Tokyo Press Kogyo Co., Ltd. founded at Ohjima-cho, Koto-ku, Tokyo
(capitalized at ¥300,000).
1960 Jul Factory completed in Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa (Sagamihara Plant).
1962 Aug Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1963 Oct An assembly factory completed in Sagamihara Plant. 
Also the die making and pressing factories were extended.
1964 Mar Pressing and assembly factory completed in Higashi Hiroshima-shi,
Hiroshima (Hiroshima Plant).
1965 Jul Tokyo Plant incorporated into Sagamihara Plant.
1968 Jan Pressing and molding facilities in Sagamihara Plant extended.
Sep Launched the refrigerated vehicles business.
1970 Jan Launched the air-conditioning equipment business.
1971 Nov Factory completed in Kawachi-gun, Tochigi (Tochigi Plant).
1974 Feb Listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1979 Sep Air-conditioning equipment factory completed in Kamo-gun, Gifu
(Topre Gifu Corporation).
1983 Oct Launched electronic equipment business.
1985 Mar Electronic equipment factory completed in Sagamihara.
Oct Tokyo Press Kogyo Co., Ltd. renamed Topre Corporation.
1986 Jun Launched office equipment business.
1990 Nov Office Equipment factory added to the Sagamihara Plant.
1991 Oct Cold-storage equipment manufacturing and sales division
transferred to Toprec Corporation
Acquired the refrigerated vehicles manufacturing division
from Top Kogyo Co. Ltd.
1993 May Factory for large refrigerated vehicle added to Hiroshima Plant.
1996 Oct New factory for refrigerated vehicles added to Tochigi Plant.
1999 Mar Automobile Equipment Division acquired ISO9001 certificate.
2000 Aug Tochigi Plant completed assembly factory for refrigerated vehicles.
Dec Sagamihara Plant acquired ISO14001 certificate.
2001 Apr Automobile equipment factory completed in Kurume-shi, 
Fukuoka (Topre Kyushu Corporation).
2003 Dec Toprec Corporation Service Center opened in Osaka.
2004 Jun Automobile equipment factory completed in Cullman, Alabama, U.S.A.
(Topre America Corporation).
2006 Feb Hiroshima・Tochigi Plant acquired ISO14001 certificate
2009 Jul Automobile equipment factory completed in Hiki-gun,Saitama
(Topre Saitama Corporation).
2010 Jan Automobile equipment factory established in Guangdong Province,China.
Dec Automobile equipment sales company established in Bangkok, Thailand
2012 Feb Automobile equipment factory established in Hubei province, China.
Mar Automobile equipment factory established in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico.
(Topre Autoparts Mexico, S.A. de C.V.)
2014 Jan

Automobile equipment factory completed in Suzuka-shi, Mie (Suzuka Plant).

2015 May

Refrigeration equipment and reefer containers manufacturing and sales company
established as joint venture in Banten, Indonesia.

2016 Jan

Automotive parts plant acquired in Inabe-gun,Mie Prefecture.(Topre Tokai)

2017 Apr Merged with Topre Saitama Corporation.
Transfered Suzuka Plant to Topre Tokai Corporation.
2017 Oct

Merged with Topre Gifu Corporation.