High-level concepts of the Topre Group

Creating the future of our world.

We create every kind of products from a sheet of metal.
We pursue strength, lightweight, finesse and precision.
Since our establishment in 1935, Topre has been expanding the possibility of metal press forming technology.

Our innovations and developments assume a critical role,
When the automobile industry creates safe and environmentally-friendly products,
And when refrigerated vehicles secure food safety.
Topre’s unique technologies and creativity can be found,
In air-conditioning equipment necessary for cleaner atmosphere,
And in electronic equipment indispensable for the future of IT society.

Creation for new lifestyle and business environment.
Creation for the future of society.
Topre products, creating the future of our world.

Basic Principles

The Topre Group’s mission is to create products and services by maximizing its technical expertise in order to contribute positively to the societies in which it conducts business.

The Group will not only pursue excellence in its economic performance, but also carry out business activities as a group of international companies with the highest ethical standards, which will promote a Topre Group image that will be acknowledged and respected.

This philosophy will guide The Topre Groups domestic and international business actions, while also continuously seeking to enhance the Group’s long term prosperity and making positive contributions to the societies in which it is engaged.

Advanced technology, products and services + Ethnical and conscientious business operations For the contribution to society and company’s prosperity.

Code of Conduct

1.Compliance with law, internal regulations and social morality

  • We comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the company’s activities.
  • We establish and comply with internal regulations for the implementation of fair and transparent corporate activities.
  • We observe morals and norms as a member of society.
  • We have established an internal reporting window, respond appropriately to violations and prevent and correct them.
  • Managers establish a corporate culture with high ethical standards.
  • Managers establish internal systems preventing situations that would violate these Action Guidelines.

2.Contributions to society

  • We provide products and services that make society safer, more convenient and more comfortable.
  • We respect the culture and customs of surrounding communities, engage in activities and contribute to their development.

3.Fair and equitable relationships

  • We build fair, equitable, and moderate relationships with stakeholders.
  • We maintain transparency in our transactions and do not provide entertainment or exchange gifts that deviate from common sense.
  • We have no relationships whatsoever with antisocial forces and respond resolutely and systematically to unreasonable demands.
  • We disclose corporate information on the details of management and business activities in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • We do not engage in wrongful conduct or acts that lack fairness and impartiality with regard to political and government officials.

4.Respect for human rights and diversity

  • We respect human rights and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on race, creed, gender, nationality, physical characteristics or any other reason in any case.

5.Environmental protection

  • The Topre Group as a whole is working on the protection of the global environment.
  • We strive for resource savings by promoting the 3Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • We work positively on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

6.Safety and health

  • We give top priority to ensuring the safety and health of employees.
  • We eliminate industrial accidents and create safe and healthy work environments.

7.Company assets

  • We prohibit the private diversion of company assets and their use for anything other than business purposes.
  • We do not leak or use corporate information or assets illegally.
  • We acquire, use and dispose of assets by legitimate procedures and not for the interests of any specific person.

8.Information security

  • We establish and comply with regulations, etc., on the management and protection of personal and confidential information.