Air-conditioning Equipment

High performance fans, innovating the concepts of
comfortability and cleanliness.

Topre’s signature metal press forming technology makes it possible to manufacture high quality fans with high efficiency and low noise features. Our systemization and unitization efforts are now resulting in wider application of our products at office buildings, factories, hospitals and houses.

To fulfill the demands of each facility, our air-conditioning equipment delivers optimum air volume and heat quantity, high cleanliness and energy-saving capacity. While pursuing technology advancement, we are taking care of the environment, selecting environmentally-friendly materials, improving recycling rate and decreasing waste materials and substances of concern.

Topre’s unique home ventilation system helps
comfortable lifestyle at highly airtight houses.

We are providing wide range of home ventilation system. Considering the high airtightness of recent housings, we are the first to solve the problem of sick building syndrome arising from formaldehyde and other chemical substances.

Compact ductless ventilation system is equipped with our unique cyclonic anti-bug mechanism which automatically discharges bugs and dusts to outdoors. Topre will continue to support comfortable environment and lifestyle by delivering innovative air-conditioning equipment.