Initiatives for occupational safety

Relationship with society

Initiatives for occupational safety

Basic approach to health and safety

We have established health and safety management regulations, defined necessary items for health and safety management, and voluntarily implement continuous occupational health and safety management. As a result, in addition to reducing the potential risk of occupational accidents, we are working to improve the health of all employees, promote a comfortable work environment, and raise the level of health and safety at all plants.

Formulation of safety standard system

The Topre Group has established a common safety standard system for the Group in order to promote and implement intrinsic safety based on the principle of respect for human beings, "Safety takes precedence over everything."

Based on this safety standard system, we promote safety activities and implement safety rules to protect the safety of employees, aiming to realize first zero accidents and then zero danger. In this way, we are promoting the intrinsic safety of Topre.

Topre Group safety system diagram

[An example of a safety standard system]

Health and safety training procedures at the time of hiring, new employee health and safety training procedures, safety manager training procedures, departmental safety training procedures, risk assessment procedures, etc.

Initiatives to create a safe workplace

Our employees are always provided with safety education when they join the company, aiming to create a workplace where they can work with peace of mind. We achieve this by distributing safety guidance to all employees, setting up a safety experience room where they can experience the danger of equipment, etc., and conducting risk assessment activities. We are also calling attention to safety awareness by posting notices of safety compliance items on the premises and installing descriptive stickers on the sidewalks.

Implementation of Health and Safety Committee

No matter how many employees we have, we have established health and safety committees at all plants, which meet once a month. The committees investigate and deliberate on the following matters related to health and safety management, report on the health and safety of employees, and examine and implement specific measures for any issues that arise. We also provide health guidance from industrial physicians.

Initiatives to manage and improve employee health

In order to create a work environment where employees can work safely and securely, we promote building better health by uniting the Company, labor unions and the Health Insurance Society with employees and their families.

Carrying out of medical examinations and stress checks

  • We are focusing on efforts for the health of each employee by conducting regular health examinations and special health examinations. (FY 2020 health examination rate: 100%)
    Industrial physicians and public health nurses interview people with health risks and provide health guidance such as recommendations to undergo consultation and review of lifestyle habits to promote improvements.
  • We are making efforts related to mental health care for domestic group companies in line with mandatory stress checks.
    A stress check is conducted once a year for all insured members of the Health Insurance Society. (FY 2020 stress check consultation rate: 92%)

Response to mental health care for employees

    Carried out health consultation services for “mind” and “body” (health and medical telephone consultation service)

  1. 24-hour telephone health care consultations * Employees and their families
    Experienced doctors, public health nurses, nurses and other counseling staff advise on health, medical care, nursing, childcare, and mental health, etc.
  2. Mental health counseling service (free) * Only for employees
    A clinical counselor such as a clinical psychologist provides telephone or face-to-face consultation counseling.

Commencement of lifesaving workshop

With the aim of providing appropriate first aid measures to minimize employee health problems in the case of a workplace accident or emergency response, we have installed AED (Automated External Defibrillator) devices and invite Sagamihara fire department staff to give a talk to explain their use and cardiopulmonary resuscitation once a year.