Environmentally-considerate products

Environmental initiatives

Press-related products

One of the company’s major strengths is its high-tensile steel plate processing technology.

The company makes products from high-tensile steel, which is particularly strong and extremely difficult to mold, with its advanced technological capabilities.

To support the reduction of CO₂ emissions while ensuring automobile safety, we will pursue further weight reductions and greater strength for each part and provide technologies for the global environment and a new automotive society.

  • Expansion of application of cold-formed 1,470 MPa material to press parts

  • We are advancing the development of technology for cold-formed 1,470 MPa press parts, which have the same strength as the hot stamp method with little CO₂ generated, to switch from the hot stamp method, which generates a large amount of CO₂.

  • Development and manufacture of battery cases for electric vehicles

  • With battery cases for electric vehicles, it is important to ensure characteristics such as water-tightness, battery storage capacity and strength, and we are developing technologies that lead to high quality and low cost by making full use of our production technology know-how and structural analysis.

* CO₂ emissions reduction effect 15,455 t-CO₂ / year
[Gross product weight (980, 1180 MPa high tensile)
 x Weight reduction rate (compared with 590 Mpa high tensile)
 x fuel efficiency improvement rate (gasoline reduction)
 x gasoline CO₂ emission factor]

Temperature controlled logistics-related products

  • GBS

GBS, one of the major products of our temperature controlled logistics-related products business, is a refrigeration system equipped with a generator. This enables the refrigerated and frozen vehicles to stop idling, which was previously not possible, and contributes to the reduction of CO₂ emissions by not idling during cargo handling.

* CO₂ emissions reduction effect 4,871 t-CO₂ / year
[Number of units operating in the GBS market
x Fuel reduction effect (diesel) x diesel CO₂ emission coefficient]

  • Adoption of low global warming potential refrigerants

We have led the industry in adopting R452A refrigerants (for low temperatures) and R513A refrigerants (for medium temperatures) in refrigerated vehicles. These are replacement refrigerants with a low environmental impact at about half the impact conventional refrigerants have on global warming.

* Global warming potential
R452A 46% reduction (compared with conventional refrigerant: R404A)
R513A 56% reduction (compared with conventional refrigerant: R134a)

Air conditioning equipment-related products

  • DesiTop Desiccant Humidity Control Ventilator for buildings

As part of Japan’s energy-saving policies, CO₂ emissions in the commercial and household sectors in 2030 will have to be drastically reduced by about 40% compared to fiscal year 2013. Equipment for greater energy saving will be essential due to the promulgation of the Act on the Improvement of Energy Consumption Performance of Buildings and the future ZEB target.

The company used the technology it has accumulated in heating and cooling, ventilation and air blowing to commercialize and sell the DesiTop outdoor air processing unit, which has energy-saving effects. This product is a heat pump type that does not require a heat source (cold / hot water, outdoor unit). A total heat exchanger, heat pump and desiccant rotor are built in to control indoor humidity in three stages. The system saves energy, of course, and also realizes a comfortable indoor preserving stable humidity. This desiccant system saves about 30% of energy annually compared to conventional systems.

* CO₂ emissions reduction effect (per system) 1.7 t-CO₂ / year
[Power saving (compared with conventional air conditioning system)
x power CO₂ emission factor]

Electronic equipment-related products

  • Non-contact electrostatic capacitive keyboards

The company’s ergonomically-considerate keyboards realize quiet typing and exceptional key touch.

In addition, because they minimize fatigue for users, even with extended use, and are highly durable, they are used by various customers as specialized input devices in a range of commercial settings such as financial institutions, data entry at data processing centers, logistics, transportation, medicine, ATMs in convenience stores and broadcasting environments.

The REALFORCE series of keyboards for general sale use the same non-contact electrostatic capacity type system as the business keyboards, which have gained high acclaim in OEM production.

They have also been adopted as Sagamihara City hometown tax payment goods, and they are at the top of the popularity rankings as people regard their good durability highly.

* CO₂ emissions reduction effect 433 t-CO₂ / year
[High durability (comparison with general keyboards)
x Number of units produced x CO₂ emission coefficient of plastic waste]

Development of environmentally-considerate products

Development of pipeline-type nano-hydroelectric power generation system

With the aim of realizing a recycling-oriented and decarbonized society, we have been working on the development of a "pipeline-type nano hydroelectric power generation system" with the cooperation of Takahara Town, Miyazaki Prefecture. However, as a result of comprehensive consideration of various factors, we have decided to discontinue the development of this product. We will continue our various activities to create a sustainable society. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
*September 29, 2023 Updated

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