Responsibility to shareholders and investors

Governance initiatives

Thinking on information disclosure and dialogue

The company’s corporate information is concentrated in General Affairs Department, the department responsible for the handling of information. General Affairs Department judges the necessity of information disclosure. When it does so, it judges the appropriateness of disclosure not only in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, but also from the perspective of building and maintaining relationships of trust with the stakeholders surrounding the company.

  1. Information on decisions and financial reports The Board of Directors discusses important facts about the company and its decisions are communicated promptly to General Affairs Department (the department responsible for the handling of information) via the Secretary’s Office, the secretariat of the Board of Directors. In addition, information on financial reports is communicated to General Affairs Department by Accounting Department.
  2. Information on the facts of occurrence Each division sends information to General Affairs Department.
  3. Strengthening of disclosure systems at subsidiaries
    We are explaining the timely disclosure of corporate information relating to subsidiaries again to each subsidiary in order to promote understanding of the Timely Disclosure Rules in regard to important facts, and the company is also involved positively in information collection.

General meetings of shareholders

The company holds an ordinary annual general meeting of shareholders in June each year. We believe that general meetings of shareholders are a valuable forum for dialogue with shareholders and are making efforts to invigorate general meetings of shareholders and facilitate the exercise of voting rights. Examples of our main initiatives are as follows.

  • Setting of general meetings of shareholders avoiding days when such meetings are concentrated
  • Exercise of voting rights by electromagnetic means
  • Provision of an English version of the Notice of Convocation (summary)

Dialogue with shareholders and investors

Relationships with individual investors

We are making efforts to have the company known among individual investors.
Twice a year, we issue shareholder newsletters so that shareholders can deepen their understanding of the company. Shareholder newsletters can be viewed on the company’s website.

Relationships with institutional investors

We hold financial results briefings twice a year for institutional investors and securities analysts, giving them overviews of results, and explaining business reports and our future prospects. In addition, we also hold individual interviews and teleconferences throughout the year and make efforts to promote understanding of the company among institutional investors.

Financial results briefings

Information disclosure on the website

We have set up dedicated pages on the company website for shareholders and investors that provide the latest information such as information on financial reports and press releases. The company discloses materials concerning quarterly financial reports, shareholder newsletters and other materials, and carries out activities aimed at promoting understanding of the company.

Shareholder returns

We recognize that profit distribution is an important mission for companies to fulfill and our basic policy is to realize stable dividends continuously.
The company will also make investments using retained earnings in readiness for future business development and the strengthening of our management structure, such as capital investment in accordance with technological innovation in related industries and R&D investment to increase future corporate value.
The company’s basic policy is to pay dividends from surplus funds twice a year, an interim dividend and year-end dividend.

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