Environmentally friendly products

Consideration for the environment through our businesses

Our products that contribute to the global environment

Press-related products business

One of the great strengths of Topre is our processing technology for high-tensile materials (high-tensile steel plates).

With its advanced technological capabilities, Topre manufactures high-tensile materials, which are particularly strong among irons and which are extremely difficult to form.

In order to support the reduction of CO2 emissions while ensuring the safety of automobiles, we will pursue further weight reduction and strengthening of each part, and provide the technology for the global environment and the new car society.

Constant temperature logistics-related products business - GBS

GBS, which is one of the flagship products of Topre's constant temperature logistics-related product business, is a refrigerator/freezer system equipped with a generator that can cool even when the engine is turned off with the vehicle stopped.

Air conditioning equipment-desiccant outdoor air treatment device DesiTop

As an energy conservation measure in Japan, it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions in 2030 by approximately 40% compared to FY 2013 in the commercial and residential sectors.

Moreover, there is a growing need for facilities and equipment for energy conservation, such as the establishment of laws on building energy consumption performance improvement and future ZEB goals.

Topre has commercialized the outdoor air processing unit "DesiTop," which is effective for energy saving, by making full use of the cooling and heating technology, ventilation technology, and airflow technology that we have developed so far. "DesiTop" is a heat pump type device that does not require a heat source (cooled/hot water, outdoor unit). There is a built-in total heat exchanger, heat pump, and desiccant rotor, and the indoor humidity can be controlled in 3 levels. In addition to saving energy in the air conditioning system, you can also create a comfortable indoor environment. It is also ideal as an outdoor air processing unit for facilities that need to maintain stable humidity.

This desiccant system reduces annual energy use by approximately 30% compared to conventional systems.

Electronic equipment-related products business

Ergonomically designed Topre keyboards realize quiet input and outstanding key touch feeling.

They offer such benefits as minimized fatigue for users, even after extended use, and are highly durable, enabling them to gain increasing favor in input-related business, like banks and data input centers. They are also popular as specialized input devices used in distribution, transportation, medical, and broadcasting environments.

The REALFORCE series keyboards use the same non-contact electrostatic capacity type as business-use keyboards, which are highly acclaimed in OEM production.