Safety and health

Social initiatives

Occupational safety and health

Basic way of thinking on safety and health

The company has enacted Safety and Health Management Regulations, establishes the matters required for safety and health management, and carries out continuous occupational safety and health management independently to reduce the potential danger of industrial accidents, promote the health of all employees, promote comfortable work environments and improve the level of safety and health at all plants.

Formulation of a safety standard systems

The Topre Group has formulated a group-wide safety standard system to promote and implement intrinsic safety based on the principle of respect for people - “prioritize safety in everything.” Based on this safety standard system, we promote safety activities and establish safety rules to protect the safety of employees.
We are aiming for the realization of zero hazards from zero accidents.

【Examples of safety standard systems】

Hiring safety and health training procedures, new employee safety and health training procedures, safety manager training procedures, departmental safety training procedures, risk assessment implementation procedures, etc.

Topre Group safety system diagram

Initiatives for the creation of safe workplaces

Topre employees definitely receive safety training when entering the company, and the company distributes safety guidance to all employees, has established and uses a safety experience room where employees can experience simulations of the dangers of equipment, etc., and conducts risk assessments aimed at the creation of workplaces where employees can work with peace of mind. In addition, we also install easy-to-understand stickers on sidewalks to raise awareness of safety.

Implementation of meetings of Safety and Health Committees

The company has established a Safety and Health Committee at all plants, regardless of the number of employees, and they hold meetings once a month. The committees implement surveys and hold deliberations on matters related to safety and health management, report on the safety and health of employees, and consider and implement specific measures to address the problems raised.

Earthquake resistance at plants

Sagamihara Plant has implemented measures for earthquake resistance to increase safety at the plant, such as measures to prevent objects falling onto small control panels or their displacement, and measures to prevent skylight glass from shattering.
These measures were introduced as examples of earthquake resistance at a “Disaster prevention briefing for suppliers” held by a customer.

Measures to prevent objects falling and displacement  Measures to prevent the shattering of skylights

Holding of lifesaving training sessions

AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are installed in workplaces and Fire Department personnel visit once a year to hold training sessions for employees to learn about cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to use AEDs aimed at providing appropriate first aid and minimizing employee health damage when responding to an accident or emergency in the workplace.

Sagamihara Plant: Lifesaving training session  Head Office: Lifesaving training session

Health management and promotion initiatives

In order to create safe and secure work environments, the company promotes better health through the cooperation of the company, labor union, health insurance union, employees and their families. We publish “Health News” each month and are working on the improvement of knowledge of health.

Implementation of medical examinations

We are focusing on initiatives towards the health of each and every employee based on the regular implementation of medical examinations and special medical examinations. Industrial physicians and public health nurses hold meetings with employees at health risk and provide health guidance, such as recommending medical examinations and reviews of lifestyle habits, to promote health improvements.

Responses to mental health care for employees

Implementation of health consultation services for the “mind” and “body” (health/medical telephone consultation service)

  1. 24-hour telephone health and medical consultation *Employees and their families
    Consultation staff such as experienced doctors, public health nurses, and nurses will provide advice on matters such as health, medical care, nursing care, childcare, and mental health.
  2. Mental health counseling service (free) *For employees only
    Psychological counselors such as clinical psychologists provide telephone and face-to-face counseling.

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