Electronic Equipment

Non-contact electrostatic capacitive keyboards
are the mainstream in the data entry industry.

Information technology is now indispensable at every scene of everyday lives and businesses. Topre has been providing wide range of state-of-the-art devices to the IT society.

Utilizing our own non-contact electrostatic capacitance technology, Topre’s keyboards boast fatigue-free operation and high durability especially suitable for lengthy data entry work. Our PC-layout keyboard REALFORCE is selected as a dedicated data entry machine by many financial organizations and data entry centers.

Topre has been developing PIN pads as well. They fully comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the global security standard of the credit card industry, to provide high security for ATMs at banks and convenience stores.

Topre’s device technology changes the future of IT society.

Taking advantage of our core device technology, Topre has been developing wide range of device product such as touch monitor, touch panel and embedded computer. Those compatible with magnetic card and IC card are highly popular at stores and shops, hospitals, schools and factories.

Topre will continue to develop innovative devices and solutions.

Keyboards (REALFORCE)

Non-contact electrostatic capacitance technology realizes greater keyboard durability and lessens fatigue

Ergonomically designed, Topre’s keyboards provide quiet operation and a smooth key touch. They offer such benefits as minimized fatigue for users, even after extended use, and are highly durable, enabling them to gain increasing favor in input-related business, like banks and data input centers. They are also popular as specialized input devices used in distribution, transportation, medical, and broadcasting environments.