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Quality Policy

At Topre, we are conscious of our quality assurance philosophy in all processes and at all bases, and in order to unify and improve the Topre brand, we have formulated the Group Quality Policy to be worked on and have rolled it out to related divisions.
In addition, every year, each plant and related division prepares a Quality Activity Plan based on the Medium-Term Management Plan, the Quality Policy, and the Quality Management Policy, and engages in quality activities.

Topre Group Quality Policy

< Basic way of thinking >
We provide products and services of a quality that can make all customers feel at ease to establish the “Topre quality” that our customers recognize.

1. We have established a quality management system and each and every employee carries out quality assurance activities.

2. We take on the challenge of improving quality in work at all times, from development to production and sales.

3. We identify market needs and trends accurately, and provide customers with optimal products, services and information.

4. We develop human resources through education and training in order to maintain quality activities.

5. We strive to ensure quality and safety while complying with customer requirements and laws and regulations.

6. We follow the PDCA cycle at all times to make continuous improvements.

7. We maintain good relations with cooperating manufacturers and strive to improve quality.

Quality management system

The company’s plants, global subsidiaries and suppliers have standardized their quality assurance systems based on the standard requirements of ISO 9001 or IATF 16949, customer requirements and legal requirements, and built quality management systems that they now operate and manage.
The Topre Group has built a global system with Quality Headquarters positioned at the top of the organization.
In addition, Quality Assurance Department 1 is responsible for maintaining and managing the quality system for press-related products produced at the Topre Group and suppliers, and Quality Assurance Department 2 is responsible for maintaining and managing the quality system for company products related to temperature controlled logistics, air conditioning equipment, and electronic equipment.

Domestic and overseas production bases
State of acquisition of quality management systems [acquisition rate 86%]
Japan Overseas
Sagamihara Plant IATF 16949 Topre America Scheduled for acquisition in 2025
ISO 9001
Hiroshima Plant ISO 9001 Topre Mexico IATF 16949
Tochigi Plant Topre (Foshan)
Gifu Plant Topre (Xiangyang)
Topre Kyushu Topre (Wuhan)
Topre Tokai Topre Thailand
Mitsuike Topre India Scheduled for acquisition in 2023
ISO 9001

Quality control system

Quality Improvement Activities

Consistent quality control

The company is striving to create products that can satisfy customers by strengthening product development and technologies from a customer perspective in order to respond to diversifying needs.
Further, in cooperation with affiliated companies, we are making efforts to improve customer satisfaction by feeding back information on customer needs and problems to products quickly.

Quality assurance at the planning and development stages

At the initial stage of product planning and development, the company designs the standards, regulations and laws that apply to products from the perspective of environmental considerations and lifecycle, and conducts design verification through analysis, verification of safety using prototypes and testing assuming various environments of use to ensure product quality.

Initiatives for QC activities

Continuing since 1970, the company has held a total of 65 QC competitions as of 2022. This was the eighth holding of a competition to which QC circles from overseas bases were invited. Because of measures against COVID-19 infections from 2020 to 2022, these were held as the QC Global Video Competition, with the outcomes of QC put together on video, and we are continuing our activities.

Global Video Competition 2021, 2022 Best circles

In addition, apart from the QC competitions, we have systems that allow the proposal of improvements in quality, health and safety, environmental conservation, and work efficiency. The content of proposals is judged in terms of ingenuity, applicability, effectiveness, etc., and we give prizes and awards in accordance with the points received.

Improvement proposal award

Information provision and quality labeling

Topre is striving to provide appropriate information on how to use its products in order for customers to use the company’s products safely for a long period of time.
We have prepared product labels and instruction manuals so that customers can operate products, carry out daily maintenance and handle errors safely.

Initiatives for the improvement of maintenance quality

We have established a dedicated department and a system for staff with product knowledge to respond quickly to customer inquiries about product explanations, repairs and replacements. In addition, we have established a service system that can be deployed nationwide through a system of cooperation with other companies. By sharing maintenance and service information, we maintain uniform maintenance quality nationwide.
In general, with products of high quality, maintenance is easy to understand and consideration is also given to making it easy and safe. We are advancing efforts to improve product quality in newly developed product designs by giving feedback on points for improvement obtained from customers to Design Division and reflecting that in designs, thereby improving the future quality of maintenance.
We provide customers with highly marketable products and easy-to-understand instruction manuals and maintenance explanations. Internally, for staff and service personnel, we will enhance product education and maintenance manuals that are easy-to-understand through the use of photos and videos. In addition, we will also work on the further improvement of maintenance quality by establishing a system that enables us to respond quickly and correctly to newly developed products as well.

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