Environmental activities

Environmental initiatives

Reduction of environmentally hazardous substances

Initiatives to reduce environmentally hazardous substances

We are working on the management and reduction of chemical substances that lead to environmental impacts in products designed by the company. We are promoting initiatives aimed mainly at the reduction of chemical substances subject to the PRTR Act and the management of chemical substances contained in products.

・ Temperature controlled logistics-related products

We are working on the reduction of toluene, xylene, and methylbenzene, whose emissions are particularly high in manufacturing.
By switching to alternative paints, we were able to reduce chemical substances subject to the PRTR Act by about 4%.

・ Air conditioning equipment-related products

The paints used in the blower product production process were subject to the PRTR Act, but after testing and evaluation, we obtained customer approval and switched to paints that did not fall under the PRTR Act. Due to this initiative, we were able to consider the health of workers and management became easier too as we were able to unify three kinds of paint into one.

・ Electronic equipment-related products

We have introduced a dedicated management system for information on chemical substances contained in products and parts. Due to this initiative, we have become able to handle survey requests from customers and the work of providing answers smoothly, as well as searches specifying laws and regulations based on information on contained substances tabulated at the product, intermediate material and part levels. By managing information on chemical substances contained in products positively, it becomes possible to obtain good evaluations from customers.

Chemical substances for automotive parts are controlled using the automotive industry’s IMDS system*1.

We have stipulated chemical substance management rules based on ISO 14001 for our various purchased items, and are implementing chemical substance management. We have also stipulated a “List of Controlled Chemical Substances,” a management standard, and ask suppliers to manage the chemical substances in the products they deliver with that and to deliver products managed under the same thinking as that of the company.
(Included in the “Topre Group Green Procurement Guidelines”)
With purchased electronic products, we manage chemical substances using chemSHERPA*2.

*1 IMDS:
A supply chain environmental information transmission system developed by the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) of Germany with the ELV Directive in mind.

*2 chemSHERPA:
A data creation support tool led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the proper management of information on chemical substances contained in products throughout the supply chain, from upstream companies to downstream companies

Conservation of biodiversity

The company has not been able to participate positively over the past few years due partly to the COVID-19 pandemic. As raised in the company’s CSR activities, we recognize that the conservation of biodiversity is essential, and we will plan and implement biodiversity initiatives that are a premise of our business activities from now on. The following are activities picked up based on the results of implementation in fiscal year 2022.


Topre Sagamihara Plant

Sagamihara Plant is a member of the Sagamihara Environmental Improvement Association run by Sagamihara City and participates in surveys of aquatic life and water quality in the rivers of Sagamihara City.

Topre Tokai

By raising donations for the Green Fund in Mie Prefecture, we are contributing to the creation of forests, greening, and the development of human resources to cooperate in the three areas of “forest development,” “the promotion of greening” and “international cooperation related to the promotion of forest development or greening.”

Sagamihara Plant: Survey of aquatic life in a river


Topre Thailand

We have been carrying out mangrove planting activities for many years and have planted more than 1,500 trees.
This fiscal year, 48 people participated on October 13 and we planted a total of 500 trees in an area of about 100 ha along about 2 km of the Gulf of Thailand.
We will continue to contribute to the maintenance of diverse ecosystems in future too.

Fiscal year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of trees planted 150 325 350 330 500

Topre Thailand: Mangrove planting

Topre (Foshan)

On March 14, we carried out tree-planting activities near a forest park in the Sanshui District of Foshan City.
Ten people participated and we planted ten seedlings.

Topre (Foshan): Tree-planting activities

Topre (Xiangyang)

On March 16, ten people participated in tree planting activities in the Xiangcheng District of Xiangyang City, and we planted ten trees.
In addition, we are providing support (donations) for the greening of Xiangyang City.

Topre (Xiangyang): Tree-planting activities and donations

Topre (Wuhan)

On March 22, twelve people participated in a tree-planting activity in the Jiangxia District of Wuhan City, and we planted twelve trees

Topre (Wuhan): Tree planting activities

Topre Mexico

We are working on the regeneration of greenery by planting plants that use less water around the plant.

Topre Mexico: Planting around the plant

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