Social contribution activities

Social initiatives

Training support for the next generation

Acceptance of internships (work experience)

The company offers summer internships for university students and various kinds of work experience in actual workplaces.
In addition, as part of our cooperation with university curriculums, we provide opportunities for practical training and research for the preparation of graduation theses, and we accept long-term internships for about five months. We are making efforts to create better places for practical training by arranging employees and training environments that provide support matched to themes.

Other social contribution activities

Local cleanup activities

As part of our workplace environment improvements and local contribution activities, we carry out cleanup activities in the area around each base.

Hiroshima Plant

About 50 employees participate in cleanup activities around the plant once a month.

Hiroshima Plant

Gifu Plant

Plant employees clean up the neighborhood on the 6th, 16th and 26th each month. They carry out activities in rotation, in four groups, each with about 15 employees participating each time.

Gifu Plant

Toho Transportation Co., Ltd.

Company employees clean around the plant on Monday and Friday each week.

Toho Transportation Co., Ltd.

Provision of hometown tax payment goods to Sagamihara City

The company’s REALFORCE keyboards have been available as hometown tax payment goods from Sagamihara City, where Electronic Equipment Department is based, since February 2020, and we have been getting a response.

Plant tours

We have currently suspended implementation of this program from the perspective of measures against COVID-19, but we are implementing plant tours for local residents and students at some of the production bases of the group.
Through plant tours, we are deepening the understanding by local residents of the group’s manufacturing and we are also making efforts as part of our support for the education of the children who will lead the future. We hope that by continuing to do so, visitors will deepen their understanding of the company’s manufacturing and plant tours will contribute to the building of relationships of trust.

Blood donation activities

While the number of blood donation participants has decreased due to the spread of COVID-19, we are cooperating positively with the Red Cross Blood Center to eliminate blood shortages. Tochigi Plant holds blood donation activities three times a year, and about 60 employees participate each time.

Support for sport

Sagamihara Plant and Toprec sponsor SC Sagamihara, which is based in Sagamihara City, aimed at invigorating local society.

Support for e-sports

Electronic Equipment Department sponsors the professional “Human Academy CREST GAMING” team aimed at supporting the expansion of the e-sports industry.

Donation to the Japan Traffic Safety Association

Toho Transportation Co., Ltd., and Toprec Corporation made donations to the Japan Traffic Safety Association, which carries out activities aimed at the “realization of a safe and secure community with no traffic accidents.”

Keyboard typing competition


The company has hosted the “REALFORCE TYPING CHAMPIONSHIP,” using the company’s keyboards as a keyboard typing competition for adults since 2017.

We have not been able to hold the event since 2019 (third event) due to the pandemic, but we held the fourth event in March 2023.

This competition was held jointly with Nippon Television, and many viewers became aware of the event due to announcements on TV. A total of 13,531

people participated in the online qualifiers, and the final with the 16 winners was streamed live on YouTube.

The high level final, which required not only typing speed, but also accuracy, was very exciting, with running commentary and explanation of the heated battle.

We would like to continue holding competitions to convey the fun of typing and help to spread typing as an e-sport.

   Tournament           The winner received a gold
                    “REALFORCE” keyboard

Evaluation of CSR at Topre Mexico

Initiatives for the ESR certification system

In Mexico, there is an ESR certification system that provides annual certification of “socially responsible companies” that carry out CSR activities.
The four following CSR activities are reviewed by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (COMEFI), and companies can acquire certification if they meet or exceed the specified standards.

  • Improvement of the quality of work hours, holidays, etc.
  • Thorough implementation of corporate ethics
  • Contributions to local society
  • Environmental consideration and protection

Topre Mexico has continued its ESR certification since fiscal year 2020.In fiscal year 2022, they received the Excellent Award in recognition of their activities. The company also implements positive CSR activities overseas.

Winner of the Excellent Award
Winner of the Excellent Award

Activities to contribute to the community

Initiatives at Topre (Foshan)

We established an internal volunteer group in November 2022. We carried out support activities for single elderly people in cooperation with the labor union.

We implemented fund-raising activities and gave household goods to elderly people living alone.

Formation of a volunteer group

Support activities for single elderly people

Initiatives at Topre (Xiangyang)

Topre (Xiangyang) donated 150 books to No. 2 Elementary School in Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone, Xiangyang City.

Donating books to elementary schools

Initiatives at Topre (Wuhan)

In May 2022, we participated in “student intern” activities organized by the Caidian government.Government agencies and related university administrators visited the Topre (Wuhan) plant to exchange opinions, etc.

List of social contribution activities

Bases Results of initiatives in fiscal year 2022
Topre Sagamihara Plant Plant tours:
Plant tours for local residents continued to be suspended in fiscal year 2022 due to the spread of COVID-19 infections. We will continue to consider implementing plant tours in fiscal year 2023 based on the state of COVID-19 infections.

Local cleanup activities:
We carried out cleanup activities around the plant on May 30 (Monday) and December 19 (Monday) in fiscal year 2022. We are planning to continue doing these cleanups twice a year (May and December).

Holding of events:
With regard to the general opening of the new ground (for youth baseball, etc.), which started in fiscal year 2021, the frequency of use was not very high (twice in fiscal year 2021; once in fiscal year 2022) due to the COVID-19 situation, but in fiscal year 2023, we have already had two applications in April.
In addition, it depends on the COVID-19 infection situation, but if the company decides to hold the fiscal year 2023 Summer Festival, we are planning to inform local residents who want to participate

Sagamihara City hometown tax payment goods
We started sales of REALFORCE keyboards as Sagamihara City hometown tax payment goods from February 2020. From an initial six models, the product lineup in fiscal year 2023 includes 32 models as the R3 series.
Hiroshima Plant Plant tours:
We held plant tours for teachers in charge of employment from the Private High School Association.
Local cleanup activities:
About 50 employees clean the area around the plant once a month.
Tochigi Plant Plant tours:
Plant tours were held in November for nearby elementary school students.

Cooperation with blood donations:
We cooperate positively with blood donations in response to requests from the blood center, which sends out a blood donation bus. (Implemented 3 times a year in April, July and November with about 50 people donating blood each time)
Gifu Plant Local cleanup activities:
As part of our 6S activities, we clean the neighborhood on the 6th, 16th and 26th of each month.
Toho Transportation Local cleanup activities:
Every Monday and Friday, we clean about 100 meters of sidewalk to the north and east of Sagamihara office.
Fund-raising activities:
Donations to the Japan Traffic Safety Association: For the realization of a safe and secure community with no traffic accidents
Toprec Support for sport:
Aimed at the local invigoration of Sagamihara, a place familiar to the Topre Group, we have agreed a contract with the J. League’s SC Sagamihara as a pitch signboard sponsor.

Local cooperation activities:
Atsugi Service Center participates in mass cleanups and summer festivals sponsored by the Regional Promotion Association.

Local cleanup activities:
We conduct cleanup activities around each service center.
Topre Kyushu Plant tours:
We hold plant tours for people such as local residents and high school students (including guardians and teachers) as needed to build relationships of understanding and trust with regard to manufacturing.

Plant inspections:
We deepened engagement with employees of the Fukuoka Prefecture Government, employees of Kurume City and members of Kanda Town Council with overview explanations of our business and inspections of our production plant and mold plant.

Local cleanup activities:
Ten technical interns and specified skill employees participated in activities and were able to build trust by interacting with local residents.

Support for sport:
We employ three members of the local rugby team.
Topre Tokai Local cleanup activities:
We participated in the Toin Town Cleanup Campaign, which aims to “create an environment in which garbage is difficult to throw out” and for “enlightenment through cleaning activities.”
Fund-raising activities
Donations to Toin Town: Enhancement of schools and education
Donations to Mie Prefecture: The Green Fund
Topre America Social contributions
Community Support
Topre Mexico Fund-raising activities
Donations to orphanages, facilities for the elderly, and other charity groups
Tree-planting activity
We distribute seedlings and plant trees around the premises.
Training support for the next generation
Meetings with universities related to internships
Topre (Foshan) Tree-planting activity
We planted ten trees.
Fund-raising activities
The company created a volunteer group, which cooperated with the union to carry out fund-raising activities, and donated purchased household goods to elderly people living alone.
Topre (Xiangyang) Tree-planting activity
We planted ten trees.
Training support for the next generation
We held plant tours for local students, introduced Topre’s activities and donated 150 books.
Topre (Wuhan) Social contributions
We provided assistance to the poor
Tree-planting activity
We planted twelve trees.
Reduction of water resource consumption
We diverted 200 m3 of water from the fire prevention pond that was scheduled for disposal due to replacement to greening and thereby used it effectively.
Exchange meetings at the plant:
We participated in “student intern” activities organized by the Caidian government, and government agencies and related university administrators visited the plant to interact.
Topre Thailand Training support for the next generation
We donated stationery and sports equipment to schools.

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