Initiatives at plants

Consideration for the environment through our businesses

Initiatives at plants

Basic Environmental Philosophy

We will promote our business activities with the recognition that preserving the global environment is the most important issue for all humankind.

In carrying out our business activities, we aim to be an environmentally friendly company, promote the 3Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle, and strive to conserve resources.

Environmental Policy

We will endeavor to prevent pollution and protect the environment. We will strive to continuously improve our environmental management system in order to improve the environmental performance of all our products, development, production, and sales.

  1. We will promote environmentally friendly technology and product development.
  2. We will reduce electricity consumption and promote resource conservation and reuse.
  3. We will comply with the laws and regulations related to our plants and other requirements that our plants agree with.
  4. We will strive to minimize the use and emission of substances that are harmful to the environment.

Environmental Management

Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

In order to properly operate environmental management, we have acquired ISO 14001 certification for each department and have constructed an "Environmental Management System."

Each plant carries out environmental activities for continuous improvement based on the Environmental Management System.

  • *Sagamihara/Tochigi/Hiroshima/Gifu/Kyushu have acquired ISO 14001

Environmental Audits

Our Environmental Management System is subject to regular internal audits at plants and external audits by certification/registration bodies. If items are pointed out by the audits, the cause(s) and countermeasures(s) are established and prompt corrective action is taken. Our internal auditors also conduct systematic education and pursue high-quality audits.

Environmental Management Review

In order to ensure continuous improvement, appropriateness, validity, and effectiveness of the Environmental Management System, it is regularly reviewed by the top management of the plants.

Initiatives for environmental activities*

  • *Initiatives at the flagship Sagamihara Plant

Implementation of Environmental Improvement Committee

The Environmental Improvement Committee meets once a month to discuss, develop, and report on the environmental activities of each department, and to continuously improve environmental conservation activities.


Each plant regularly evaluates and reports on the status of compliance with environmental laws and checks that there are no violations. Furthermore, the Sagamihara Environmental Secretariat conducts regular audits regarding the compliance status of each plant.

Waste management

The waste generated from each plant is thoroughly sorted and properly treated to preserve the environment and improve the public’s health, as well as to carry out resource recycling and reduction of waste.

Management of chemical substances

Regarding newly purchased substances, we ask the environmental management department to evaluate the intended use, toxicity, and amount of use of the chemical substances, and we carry out reliable management with a purchasing system after the evaluations are completed.


Self-awareness education

We educate all employees about global environmental issues, the outline of ISO 14001, our environmental policy and environmental improvement plan, and the environmental impact of the duties of each department.

Responding to emergencies

Each department has established procedures for the prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts in the case of an emergency as necessary, and conduct mandatory training at least once a year.

Also, we have prepared facilities and equipment to the extent possible to prevent and mitigate environmental pollution.

Environmental data

Industrial waste discharge (unit: t)
FY 2017 FY 2018
Sagamihara Plant 103.925 89.558
Hiroshima Plant 286.511 292.86
Tochigi Plant 723.90 562.70
Gifu Plant 47.915 54.261
Saitama Plant 9.66 9.09
Total 1,171.911 1,008.469
Electric power consumption (Unit: 1,000 kWh)
FY 2017 FY 2018
Sagamihara Plant 11,383.80 11,577.70
Hiroshima Plant 1,949.60 1,843.00
Tochigi Plant 4,537.70 4,211.50
Gifu Plant 998.98 1,161.40
Saitama Plant 3,316.50 3,269.90
Total 22,186.58 22,063.50
Sales (non-consolidated)
FY 2017 FY 2018
Sales (millions of yen) 109,975 112,073